Monday, January 17, 2011

A look at the past

I'm a bit of a packrat, and while I was cleaning out old magazines today in my office, I came across an old SI that contained an article called "The Next Generation". The magazine is dated August 22, 2005, and the article is "SI's All-25-and-Under Team". Here's the names from the article:

Catcher Joe Mauer, age 22

1B Albert Pujols, 25 (honorable mention to Texiera, 25)

2B Rickie Weeks, 22

SS Bobby Crosby, 25

3B David Wright, 22

Utility Inf Jose Reyes, 22

OF Miguel Cabrera, 22

Grady Sizemore, 23

Carl Crawford, 24

SP's Rich Harden, 23

Jake Peavy, 24

Mark Prior, 24

Dontrelle Willis, 23

Carlos Zambrano, 24

Closer Francisco Rodriguez, 23

I thought it was sort of interesting that all of the starters have been related to Chicago teams in some way; 4 for the Cubs (two were Cubs at the time of the article) and 1 for the Sox. I thought it also interesting that not a single position player was from either organization in Chicago, and none can be associated with any of them either. FWIW...


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