Wednesday, November 16, 2011

No Basketball????

So the pro basketball season is slipping away. I imagine that eventually the, ah, the advisors of the players' union and the owners will come to an agreement, probably in time to get the Christmas Day games played. Meanwhile a lot of people are losing.

Not just the players, though they're losing plenty of money as they worry about whether the average salary should be 5 million or 7 million a year. Not just the owners, who probably have similar issues...they're just maybe not going to rake in quite as many hundreds of millions. And I won't talk about the fans who pay the bill, because at least we're not forking over money - we may come out ahead financially!!!

But what about all those peripheral folks - ticket sellers, concession operators, security guards, ushers, parking attendants, guys who support the media, the media itself, and the rest of the people who make sure that games go on as planned without a hitch? They're losing big time. And many of THEM can NOT afford to lose that money.

What about the businesses that depend on games for their own business? Mostly bar owners, but restauranteurs and sporting goods store owners and many others. They're probably losing revenue also.

Who's winning? Well, maybe hockey. More people might tune into a Black Hawks game now that D Rose and the Bulls aren't on the tube. So that might be a silver lining for someone else.

And let's not forget the real winners, the guys who get paid no matter how long this goes on...those advisors and attorneys who are picking holes in each side's arguments and proposals. They're winning big time!!!

Good for them, I guess...


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