Thursday, May 31, 2012

Chitown Sports Update

I haven't been very good about updating this blog, so if you're depending on it for your
Chicago sports news, you've been disappointed and are ill-informed. 

But what the heck?  I thought I'd throw out these totally obvious factoids just to have something to post.

  • The Cubs suck.  Oh, they've won three in a row, but they aren't good.  I understand that they're building for the future, but c'mon.  They should be able to score a few runs on occasion.  During their 12 game losing streak, it seemed that they couldn't buy a run or a hit. 
  • The White Sox are good.  I suspected that they might be.  It all hinged on their pitching, and Danks, Floyd and Peavy are quality major leaguers.  Humber was pretty good last year, and their fifth starter has been solid, from what I've seen and heard.  (Can't think of his name.)  Everyone seemed to think that because Dunn and Rios were bad last year, they'd be equally bad this year.  They haven't been.  Getting them to play to their major league averages is like adding two solid free agents.  And that's why I thought they'd be better than a lot of people were saying they'd be before the season started.
  • The Bulls were exposed in the playoffs.  They really didn't have anyone who could back up Derrick Rose, and it showed.  Rose was injured much of the year and while Watson, John Lucas III and Mike James did decent jobs, and at times way better than decent, their lack of postseason exposure (especially Lucas) showed.  When Noah went down, they were cooked.  I didn't understand why Thibs didn't go with Boozer and Gibson instead of starting Asik, but it is what it is.  5 and out.  Wait till next year...and they probably won't be all that good since Rose won't be there to start the season (probably out till December) and Deng may not be there to start the season either.  If I were the Bulls, I'd probably try to build for the following season and not worry about next year.  Let Boozer play a lot, hope he's better in the fourth quarter, and you're one year closer to the end of his contract.  (And who knows?  Maybe he lives up to it finally, next year.)
  • The Black Hawks were a disappointment.  They just couldn't get it going in the playoffs and were 6 and out (I think it was).  Goaltending has been a problem since Niemi was allowed to leave.  Hope for better things next year.  They have the horses (if Hossa can come back from that horrific hit in the playoffs)...
  • The Bears look to have had an excellent off-season, with their new GM Phil Emery addressing the weakness at wide receiver and picking up some help in the draft for the defense.  They didn't do much with the O-line, but maybe they figure with Tice moving to offensive coordinator, this group will suit the playbook...or maybe it's the opposite and the playbook will suit this group.  Either way, as long as they get Forte back, Cutler should have some weapons and I'm looking forward to watching them next year.
That's all for now.  Have a great summer.  I'll try to post more often (optimistically assuming that I have a reader or two...)


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