Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Chicago Sports Bits

Just a few notes that have struck me as 2013 takes over...

The Bears, despite finishing 10-6, didn't make the playoffs and promptly fired coach Lovie Smith.  Their coaching search has extended to 13 different names, including 7 current NFL offensive coordinators.  Lovie was a decent coach, but did not seem to have the ability to develop a consistent offense, and it was definitely time to move in a different direction.

The Cubs signed Edwin Jackson, a guy who seems to have been on most of the teams in MLB, to a relatively long term contract.  Four years, I think...and something around 52 million total, if I recall correctly.

The White Sox said goodbye to A.J. Pierzynski, their long time catcher and one of the few holdovers from their 2005 world championship team.  A.J. was looking for a big money committment and the Sox have a younger player, Tyler Flowers, who is ready and needs the opportunity.  As long as A.J. was here, he wasn't going to get it.  He may flop, but that's the way of the world.  Out goes the old, in comes the new.  Can't wait till it is too late...

The Black Hawks will apparently have a few games to play this season, since the strike appears to be settled.  By this time, however, are there enough people left who care?

And finally, the Bulls have held their own without Derrick Rose, going something like 19-12 up until today.  Apparently it projects to a 49 win season without Rose, who is coming back soon.  Guys like Gibson and Jimmy Butler are stepping up their game a little, which is a very good thing.  Hinrich and Nate Robinson will be an upgrade in the backcourt over last year's C.J. Watson/John Lucas tandem, and though Kyle Korver was better overall, I think this Belinelli kid seems to be getting a little more comfortable and he too can be a three point threat.

Have a happy new year!!!


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