Thursday, March 14, 2013

Harry Teinowitz gone from ESPN 1000

I noticed it a couple weeks ago and meant to find out why ESPN 1000 had gotten rid of afternoon co-host Harry Teinowitz from the show Carm, Jurko and Harry.  I liked Harry.  I thought he injected levity and irreverence into an otherwise not-very-attractive grouping.  Yes, some of his jokes fell flat, but some didn't, and I thought the show was better for his input.

It seemed, however, that his co-hosts didn't like him much.  First Dan MacNeal, who seemed to be happy to throw insults Harry's way, and didn't like it much when Harry returned fire.  Now John Jurkovic (I don't know if I'm spelling that correctly), who does the same thing.  When I'd listen, it would sound a little like bullying with Carmen trying to smooth things over and keep things focused on sports, which is where Carmen always seems to be focused.

I guess that the common denominator was Harry in these little on-air maybe his personality in person was a problem.  But over the air, it sounded like he just was being made the brunt of jokes.  And the other two, especially Jurko, were a little too happy when he was gone and they were on their own.

I liked them, with Harry, as an alternative to the insulting and arrogant Bernstein and Boers on WSCR.  I think Bernstein and Boers both are very intelligent, but I think they got the idea that their schtick of ripping their callers for their opinions is worth listening to.  I know I switch over, even though I like their insights.  Too uncomfortable listening to them trashing another fan as knowing nothing, or however they can belittle the caller's opinion.   

Listening to Carm and Jurko the last few days on my drive home has NOT been as entertaining.  Carm is likeable but Jurko just comes off as, well, kind of a jerk.  At least they're not condescending and downright insulting to their callers, so I'll probably keep listening to them.  But it won't be as fun.  I'd rather listen to Waddle and Silvy.  Or J. Hood.  (Always have really liked Hoodie.  He can be condescending at times, but usually he's pretty respectful of his callers/listeners.  He's smart, informative, opinionated, and funny.)  Or Lawrence Holmes on the Score.  Thank God for Mully and Hanley and for Mac and Spiegs in the morning.


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