Thursday, July 18, 2013

And I didn't even mention...

The BlackHawks!

I know I haven't been very good at updating my sports blog, and I do tend to focus on stuff like deals and roster moves because that's often what interests me the most about Chicago sports.  It always has been like that for me - I was a stats junkie as a kid and even though I'm not really up on sabermetrics, the ideas behind it fascinate me.  I used to play entire seasons with my own version of the major leagues via baseball cards and a deck of playing cards.  (Aces were home runs, red kings were triples, black kings were singles, queens were doubles, jacks were singles, 10's were walks, 9's and 5's were sacrifice flies if there was a runner on third, and the rest were just outs.  I didn't mess with stolen bases or double plays or errors.)  I used to log trades in a notebook, then play games with my card deck, using my revamped rosters.  It was fun. 

Anyway, here I am writing about the trading deadline in baseball (which is something I always pay attention to in all sports) and I'm not even mentioning that:



Two Cups in four years is pretty darned good.  I have to admit, watching as they worked their way through the Detroit, LA and part of the Bruin series, I didn't think they could do it.  They looked less aggressive and slower to the puck, but when push came to shove, they put the puck in the net when they needed to! 

So congratulations, Blackhawks, and congratulations to all the die-hard Hawks fans.  And thank you, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews, for finally capturing my son's imagination and making him into a hockey fan! 


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