Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wannie on the air...

I was driving into work today and listening to the Score on AM 670.  I enjoy the morning hosts, local sportswriters Mike Mulligan (a Loyola Chicago grad!) and Brian Hanley.  Today is their extended in-studio visit with former Bears and Cowboys and Dolphins coach Dave Wannstaedt.  Remember him?  The guy that replaced Ditka (apparently with the Ditka seal of approval)?  Anyway, Mully and Hanley talk pro and college football with Wannie for at least 20 minutes, maybe more.  He was on the air till 8:30 am. 

And you know what?  He's really entertaining!  He knows his stuff, and he has a voice that's pretty fun to listen to.  It's sort of like a caricature of his own voice.  And he's a good storyteller.  He has LOTS of stories to tell, and even when they're not that interesting, they're STILL entertaining. 

It's a good segment, there's a bunch of good information in there, along with insights into the behind-the-scenes stuff and funny, entertaining anecdotes. 

Some of the other hosts were making fun of the segment a little bit here and there, but I think they got it right when they hired Wannie to come in and visit with the boys in the morning.  Good job, WSCR!


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