Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free ebooks for Amazon Kindle or Kindle App users

Should I be writing about the Cubs?  Yeah, probably.  After all they signed Jon Lester to a 6 year deal, and look to be going for it next year. 

But I'm not going to.  Instead I'm going to write about the two ebooks that I have on free promotion from today (12/10/14) to Sunday (12/14/14). 

SOLE OCCUPANT is a 2400 word short story with a 700 word bonus short included (called THE ONLY SOLUTION). 

DEAD OR ALIVE is a 7800 word short story, the first of a trio of short stories that are also collected in THE STRIKER FILES. 

Here's the links:



On the off chance that anyone looks in here and sees this, please feel free to download them!  Review them if you like them!  (Or if you don't...)

You go to Amazon and purchase them with the 1-Click ordering.  Thank you!


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