Saturday, April 24, 2010

Big Z in the pen

Well, if this move is a "warning shot across the bow" to both Carlos Zambrano and the whole team, I think it might work. I definitely think there is something to the "fat and happy" state of mind of some pro athletes. They play hard, get their big contract, are set for life, and now the motivation isn't there anymore. So I don't know what Big Z will do, but the team has won two of three since the move.

I still think the move will be very temporary. I'd be surprised if Zambrano misses more than two starts. Because I think the rotation is better with Zambrano in it, no matter how well Silva and Gorzellany are pitching right now.

But the issue isn't only the rotation, it's the team. And I also think it's possible the team would be better, not with Big Z in the pen, but with Big Z traded to another team in a deal where the Cubs come away with some veteran middle relief help and much needed salary relief. If that's the real agenda behind this move, so be it.


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