Monday, April 26, 2010

Bulls and Cavs...

Well, the Bulls did win one game, but they trail the series 3-1 and are going back to Cleveland for game 5. I don't like their chances on the road, but they might take this next one. Every team has cold spells, and Cleveland could have one next game. Or not...

Whatever the outcome of the next game, the likelihood is that Cleveland moves on to face whoever wins the four/five matchup. And the Bulls start looking toward the big free agent class that does include LeBron James, who is sticking it to them right now...

My guess is that Lebron ends up staying in Cleveland, but if he doesn't, he'll probably go to New York. They have lots of money. So who should the Bulls focus on?

Were I John Paxson, I'd be looking at a front court player, either Bosh, Boozer or Stoudamire (if he's still available) to spend their max contract money on. The other option would be to acquire that guy in a sign-and-trade type of deal, and go for Dwayne Wade or Joe Johnson. Wade is the bigger fish, and a backcourt of him and Derrick Rose sounds like a dream. But Johnson might be the better fit. He can post up at the two guard position, he doesn't demand the ball all the time, and he can play either position. Derrick Rose seems to be developing into the type of player who needs to have the ball in his hands. Adding Wade might remove that dimension.

But who am I kidding? If the Bulls could get Dwayne Wade with their max contract, they should go for it! He's one of the 5 best in the league, probably, and immediately makes the Bulls a serious threat in the East. Sign Wade, trade for a low post scorer to go with Noah...that's the ticket!


  1. I suspect Miami is more likely to bring someone to Dwayne Wade rather than Wade going elsewhere but who knows. The Knicks also want to sign two of Bosh, Stoudemaire, James etc. I understand the Nets want to do that too, along with several other teams. Someone is going to be sorely disappointed. It will be interesting to see what happens. I hope the Knicks get their men but when you look at how dysfunctional the team has been and for how long, I dunno. They never quite managed to give Patrick Ewing championship team mates. The team has a long history of failed management.

  2. Thanks for checking me out here, Eric. I do think the Bulls will get one of their targets, if for no other reason than the opportunity to play with Rose, who is a world class talent. It may not be Bosh or James (in fact, I think it's quite unlikely that it be either of them...).

    I thought that Wade would stay in Miami, but I don't think he's been happy about their playoff showing, or so I've been reading. I've also been reading about Carmelo Anthony having dissatisfaction with Denver, and maybe he'd be a sign and trade target. A sign and trade for Anthony and maybe a deal for Boozer might make sense. They'd still need a big guard, but they might be able to get that elsewhere.

  3. Wonder what would have happened had Carlos Boozer stayed with Cleveland a few years back, as it seemed he would?