Monday, May 3, 2010

3 of 4 from the D'backs...

I this good?

The Cubs got blown out on Thursday, then proceeded to repay the D'Backs with a ton of run production in the next three games. Dan Haren was the pitcher in one of the games, and he isn't too terrible (though he didn't look great in THAT game). But is this just a case of feasting upon poor pitching?

Or are the Cubs' bats waking up a bit? Soriano has been raking it lately, and has his average up over .300, I believe. He was responsible for tying the game on Saturday, and hit two more homers on Sunday. That's what this team needs from him - offensive output worthy a guy getting 18 million a year.

But Byrd and Fukudome are both hitting well, also. Makes it hard to find at bats for Colvin or Nady.

Now if those corner infielders start hitting, we'll have something going on here. Going into Pittsburgh, it should stay pretty good...



  1. When Soriano came up with the Yankees he was a thrilling player and gave the team a needed jolt. Unfortunately he never seemed to improve as a second baseman, unlike Robinson Cano. I hope he continues to hit well.

    Then there's Fukudome -- Mr. April (or was that Dave Winfield?) Is this guy going to make it three years in a row that he's a monster for a few weeks early on and then vanishes?

  2. Yeah, Sori is a terrible defensive player wherever he's put, so his only saving grace is his hitting. When he's hitting .250 he's a colossal waste of salary "cap" space. When he's hitting as he has been lately, he is worth at least part of that 18 million a year...

    And're right, he's always been good early. He wasn't terrible for most of last year, but maybe this is the year he can keep it going for a bit longer. I hope...