Saturday, May 8, 2010

Re: Pittsburgh - It didn't get any better...

Inexplicably, the bats for the Cubs quieted WAY down, as the Cubs got swept in Pittsburgh. The first two were competitive games and could have gone either way, though with players making 140 million a year (all together) you'd think one of them might go the Cubs' way. The last game was an 11-1 blowout, where Randy Wells, who has been perhaps their most dependable starter this year, got shelled!

The Starlin Castro era has begun - the Cubs' shortstop prospect has come up to the big club, and he promptly got a couple of big hits, including a three run bomb. Now what do the Cubs do with Ryan Theriot? Move him to second? Platoon him? Hand him the job on a silver platter? Trade him?

I suppose that it would be nice to have a problem where you're dealing from a position of strength rather than one of weakness (having too much of something rather than being in desperate need of something). But the stat-heads say that Theriot's value is as a shortstop, where his solid defense and range go along with his ability to hit to make him an above-average player at that position, at least in terms of sabermetric calculations. His value is less as a second baseman.

I guess that means Boston and Oakland won't be trying to land the kid.

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