Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 2010-2011 Bulls

While this team is still in flux, we can sort of get a glimpse of what they're doing. They've got their scoring front court player in Carlos Boozer, who will team with Taj Gibson at PF. They signed a nice outside shooter in Kyle Korver, a 6'7" two guard and they've got an offer on the table for J.J. Reddick, a 6'4" two guard who can also shoot and can shift over and play some point (a little like departed Kirk Hinrich). It looks like Orlando is going to match the offer for Reddick, however (or else why would they wait the full week to match?), so I don't know what Plan B is at guard. Maybe Ronnie Brewer? Maybe Anthony Morrow in a sign and trade for a draft pick?

At center, Omar Asik joins the team from Turkey to back up Joakim Noah, and at SF, it will be Deng and Johnson.

Derrick Rose is the future superstar on this team.

It should be a good team, and quite competitive, if injuries don't kill them...


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