Saturday, July 17, 2010

Next Year's Bulls - Part 2

Okay, so Orlando decided to go into luxury tax territory and match the Bulls' offer for J.J. Reddick. The Bulls moved swiftly and signed another shooting guard - Ronnie Brewer - a 6'7" slasher who is good defensively. He's not a great outside shooter, however, so that leaves Kyle Korver as their big threat from outside.

Korver's good, but is he major-minutes good? I don't know. I think Brewer makes sense, though, at the two where they've been deficient defensively for a while now.

This leaves the Bulls with Noah and Asik up front, Boozer and Gibson at PF, Deng and Johnson at SF, Korver and Brewer at SG, and Rose at point. I'd love to see them sign another guard, someone who can shoot from outside and spell Rose at point. I don't know who's left, though. Another option would be making Korver a SF and trading James Johnson for a J.J. Reddick type of guard to be 6th man/first guard off the bench. I've heard rumors that Brad Miller is leaning toward resigning with the Bulls, which leaves them pretty solid at center, and that leaves one spot for one last player. Will it be a backup point guard like Acie Law? A guy like Flip Murray? Another big front court PF type?

Watch this space for updates...

Oh, and in that last post, I thought that Anthony Morrow was still on Golden State. Now I've heard he's been moved to New Jersey. Guess I missed that one.


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