Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Not looking good...

No, I'm not talking about the Cubs or the White Sox, though I could be.

Things aren't looking good for the Bulls in this best of 7 series with the Heat. Down 3-1 and going back to Chicago, the Bulls would have to win the next three. We haven't seen much evidence that they can do this.

Oh, they've been in the games, but at the end it seems the Heat just have too much. Too much talent. Too much luck. Too much star power.

I think the ball has bounced their way a lot in this series. Their bench players, the few that they use, at least, have made contributions. Hit big shots when needed. Gotten to rebounds and loose balls. Been effective when the superstars aren't on the floor. They've been good. And shots - well, shots have went down for them.

The Bulls on the other hand have had tons of problems with shots. Layups aren't dropping, nor are jump shots from all ranges. Rose's drives to the basket have not been resulting in enough points or free throws. The ball too often seems to land in the hands of Heat rebounders, and not Noah, Boozer, Gibson or whoever.

Hopefully the Bulls get at least one win out of the next three. It would have to be tomorrow night, since a loss then ends the series.

Keeping fingers and toes crossed and hoping for better bounces as well as better play.


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