Monday, March 26, 2012

Bulls and Bears

Not Wall Street, we're talking State Street here.

The Bulls currently have the best record in the NBA and they're doing it without Derrick Rose at the moment. And without Rip Hamilton (but that's been the case all year). They haven't always won in dominant fashion, but they have been winning. It's again great to be a Bulls fan.

And the Bears - what is all this? They get the wideout they so desperately need, even if he does have some off-field issues. And they didn't overpay for him. They've filled holes, signed their own players when it made sense, let a few go when it made sense, and generally have looked like a team that's actually trying to win something next year! Gotta love it.

And we have a new start with Theo Epstein on the north side, and with Robin Ventura managing the south-siders. And the Hawks are in the playoffs, or so it looks, and they might be the team that NO ONE wants to play this year.

Right now, it's OK to be a Chicago sports fan!


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