Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Arrow pointing up or down?


Derrick Rose is back and looks to be pretty well recovered from his torn ACL from the 2011/2012 season playoffs.  Dunleavy is probably an upgrade from both Kyle Korver and the Italian guy from last year (I can't even remember his name).  Hinrich moving to the second unit is an upgrade from Nate Robinson, though Robinson was outstanding offensively last year, better than Hinrich likely will be.  Marcus Teague is a year better, and the frontcourt rotation of Noah, Boozer, Gibson and Nazr Mohammed should be similar to what it was last year.  Jimmy Butler was a revelation in the playoffs and should be solid at the two guard.  Undefeated in preseason. 

The arrow is pointing up.


Cutler and Briggs both injured.  Melton already out for the year.  Peppers looking like his age might be catching up with him.  Tillman still looking good but fighting injuries.  Defense in general has gone the wrong direction.  O line looks improved, running game should continue to be solid.  Tight end is a 100% improvement.  But...Cutler out for minimum 4 weeks. 

Arrow pointing down.

Black Hawks:

All the stars back and healthy.  Some role players gone (I always liked Dave Bolland) but there are others to step in and take their places.  Corey Crawford locked up, hopefully he continues to perform.  Looking good so far. 

Arrow pointing flat.  How can it go up from a Stanley Cup Championship?!?!

White Sox:

Konerko a shadow of his former self, and may be gone.  Relatively young arms like Danks and Floyd and Quintana and Chris Sale are average to very good, but a couple (Danks and Floyd) are injury prone.  Defense was horrid last year.  Will it improve?  How? 

Arrow pointing down.


Figuring things out with their young "stars" - are they really star major leaguers or are they run-of-the-mill guys?  (I'm talking about Castro and Rizzo.)  Young stud prospects are still at least one season away.  Pitching is rough after Samarzidja and Travis Wood.  Edwin Jackson is an expensive journeyman.  Scott Baker might help.  Ryan Sweeney and Nate Schuerholz at least give them a little something in the outfield.  There will be a new manager, but we don't know who yet. 

For 2014, arrow pointing down.
For 2015, arrow starts to point upward, we hope. 


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