Monday, June 30, 2014

Chicago Bulls - which direction should they take?

So here are the Bulls, sitting with the potential to get about 11 million under the cap if they "amnesty" Carlos Boozer.  They had a good draft, getting the guy who many thought would fit best with their roster no matter what - Doug McDermott from Creighton.  They also got a power forward from New Mexico with the second pick (number 49), a senior with decent numbers. 

Here's the key pieces on their current roster:

  • Derrick Rose - coming off two seasons off due to injuries to both knees
  • Taj Gibson - power forward who really came on in 2013-2014
  • Joakim Noah - center who I should have listed one spot higher - double double machine
  • Jimmy Butler - swing man who can play big guard or small forward, good defensively
  • Mike Dunleavy - swing man who can hit threes and do more
  • Carlos Boozer - power forward with below average to average defensive presence
  • Kirk Hinrich - may be a free agent at point guard
  • D.J. Augustine - another free agent at point guard
  • Tony Snell - rookie swing man with promise
  • Jimmer Fredette - possible free agent shooting guard who can, well, shoot
  • Greg Smith - forward/center who held up the end of the bench at the end of the season
  • Cameron Bairstow - power forward rookie second rounder
  • Anthony Randolph - power forward obtained in the pick swap with Denver in the draft
  • Ronnie Brewer - free agent signed at end of year for playoffs then not used
  • Lou Amundsen - forward and that's all I know
  • Mike James - another filler player, point guard who Thibs likes
  • Nazr Mohammed - center who has to be close to done, not used much last year
I took that info from the Chicago Bulls/ site.  I wouldn't have included at least a quarter of them as Bulls.  But they're listed as part of the roster for 2014/2015.

So what do they do?  Do they try to trade for Kevin Love, perhaps moving Taj Gibson and Tony Snell or even Jimmy Butler while amnesty-ing Boozer to get under the cap enough to make the deal work? 

Do they try to sign Carmelo Anthony, maybe doing a sign-and-trade with the Knicks and dealing Butler and Dunleavy while amnesty-ing Boozer?

Do they make a move to bring over Nikolai Mirotic, the kid playing in Spain (I think?) who it will cost big money in terms of a buy-out of his European contract and his salary?

What would I do?

I would try my darnedest to sign Anthony.  I thought that they could maybe do a sign-and-trade with Boozer, since his contract is expiring next year and he's not a bad player, just not worth 16+ million a year.  It would seem that if they could do that, they could easily accomodate Anthony's big contract.  Otherwise he's going to have to take a pay cut.

An acquaintance who played pro ball overseas says that, as an observer and someone who understands the game pretty well, he feels Love would be the best move.  He would give them the superstar they need to go with Rose and Noah (assuming Rose comes all the way back).  If they do that, their lineup would be Rose, Noah, Love, maybe Dunleavy, maybe Butler, maybe Ronnie Brewer.  There's a big three but is there anything beyond that?

Another acquaintance who also played pro ball and major college ball suggests that Anthony is the right move.  Assuming they'd have to deal Gibson, their lineup might be Rose, Snell or Butler, Anthony, Randolph (the kid they got from Denver) and Noah.  There's a big three with plenty of scoring but again, is there ENOUGH beyond that?

Tonight's the night.  Free agency opens and Anthony is meeting first with Chicago.  Hope we get him somehow.


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