Monday, June 9, 2014

So what's going on?

Maybe a blog titled "Chitown Sports Ramblings" should occasionally have a post expressing an opinion about, oh, I don't know, Chicago sports? 

Well, I did have that one about the Hawks about a month ago.  And one about the Bulls in April.  And then there were the ones about the Bulls in March and January. 

But not too much on any sort of regular basis.  And I don't see that changing (the 'regular basis' thing). 

I thought that maybe I'd put up a couple of thoughts in short form about potential future topics for me to post about, all the while hoping that maybe someone will see and buy the anthology QUANTUM ZOO that my short SF story will be part of, to be released on June 17th.  So here goes:

The Black Hawks need a jolt, perhaps, but no major changes.  Everyone always complains about the lack of a second line center to go with superstar Patrick Kane (and apparently Andrew Shaw is NOT that guy).  They don't appear to have a good candidate in their system, but maybe it will turn out that they DO have someone and we're just not aware of him yet.  Barring that, a trade may make sense - if it brings a quality player and doesn't sacrifice something vital to the Hawks' future.  What's vital to the Hawks' future?  That's another good question. 

The Cubs have shown some signs of life, winning 5 of their last 6 versus the Mets and Marlins.  The promise of Anthony Rizzo is becoming more apparent, and Starlin Castro has looked better this year than last (even if consistency is still a problem).  But the big issue is the pitching, which has been pretty good.  Jeff Samardzija has pitched like an ace most of the time.  He's just about in the prime of his career.  The Cubs have indicated that they'd give big money to players that made sense for the big picture.  So what about Samardzija doesn't fit?  They talk like they want to deal him before the deadline, along with Jason Hamel, who has also been pretty good.  But why?  I'm not sure this makes sense to me.

Sox hit the jackpot with Jose Abreu, or so it seems so far.  Made a good signing with Adam Eaton, and they've improved themselves up the middle.  Their pitching has been up and down, but they're hovering around .500.  Is that what they are, a .500 team?  Or can they be better?  I think they can make a nice run.  I don't know if they're a division champ, but I think they can be a wild card contender.  They may need to acquire a pitcher, however.  Maybe the Cubs have someone that will make sense for them. 

The Bulls have two picks in the first round of the draft, and apparently they've made an offer to Minnesota for Kevin Love.  I'm not sure Love is a HUGE upgrade over Taj Gibson, who is reported to be part of the package offered to Minnesota, along with Jimmy Butler, the rights to Nikolai Mirotich (spelling?) and possible draft picks.  But he's DIFFERENT.  Love, Noah and Rose to go with...who at shooting guard and who at small forward?  A resigned Deng?  Anthony?  A draft pick or a free agent?  I just don't know.

And finally, the Bears:  A nice draft and a nice free agent season put them in the thick of things in their division.  They've improved their defense and not made any significant downgrades (except backup quarterback) to their offense.  Should be a nice year. 

Perhaps I'll get time to write a bit more in depth in the near future on some of these topics.  Thank you for reading!


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