Thursday, February 19, 2015

Basketball Trade Deadline

A non-story here in Chicago.  No moves were made by the Bulls. 

Did they need to make a move?  Well, not just for the sake of making a move.  It appeared to me (with the limited effort I put into looking at the market) there wasn't anything out there that would justify giving up something they already have. 

I wouldn't have minded if they'd kicked the tires on a big man.  Others seem to want to get a wing who can spread the floor.  Seems to me that they've got those players on their team in Dunleavy, Butler, maybe Snell and McDermott.  OTOH, they've got bigs, sure, but they're OLD or banged-up bigs.  Nazr Mohammed is just taking up a spot on the bench mostly.  Joakim and Pau are both playing too many minutes, Gibson is solid but not as impressive as he was last year in my view, and Mirotic is more of a stretch four, not really a power forward even if he has the size. 

Maybe this team has been playing it right.  Players like Dunleavy, Rose and Butler, and even Joakim have taken time off for illnesses and minor  (or major, in Dunleavy's case) injuries.  Even McDermott got time off, but that was not so great because he needed minutes and reps in game situations. 

Maybe Pau or Joakim should think up some injuries that will keep them out for a little bit in this stretch run so that everyone is healthy and rested for the real season:  the playoffs.


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