Monday, February 2, 2015

What an end! (Super Bowl LXIX)

It came down to the wire.  A four point lead, taken late in the game, by the Patriots is vulnerable to Russell Wilson et al.  An absolutely incredible catch by Kearse.  (Bounce, bounce...bounce...catch!)  Then Lynch's run to put them at around the one yard line, then the final play...

Has to be a run by Lynch.  Or maybe they have Wilson keep it and run it in.  Maybe the Pats are even going to concede the score by Lynch in order to have enough time for a few plays after the kickoff...  But if it doesn't work, they have a time out and two more shots at it...

So what's it gonna be?  Lynch?  Wilson?  Nope, neither.  It's a pass into the end zone...and...

Interception!  The rookie Butler takes it away, and the Pats have the ball with a few seconds left. Can't take a knee, the knee would be in the end zone.  The score would be 28-26 (Pats) and they'd have to kick off and who knows what could happen then?

Instead, it's a 5 yard penalty on the Seahawks, and now it's first and five on the 6 yard line.

Now Brady CAN take a knee.  And he does.  And the game's over.  Just like that!  Pats win, that's Brady's fourth Super Bowl victory (in six tries) and he also surpasses the record for the most TD passes thrown in Super Bowls (12).  He's the MVP, and the Pats go home winners again!

And the Seahawks and their fans have to wonder about that last play call - why not give it to Lynch?  It made no sense.

Well, neither of the teams was wearing a C (for Chicago), so I wasn't really invested in the outcome, but it was good to see an exciting game with a super exciting conclusion!


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