Friday, February 19, 2010

Chicago sports and Tiger

So I'm on my way to work this morning, and I flip on my radio, tuned to WSCR. Before 9, I listen to Mike Mulligan (a Loyola Chicago grad, just like me!) and Brian Hanley, because WMVP, ESPN's Chicago affiliate, carries a nationally syndicated show called Mike and Mike (which is good, but not Chicago focused - like most ESPN stuff, it's mostly concerned with East Coast stuff and big stories).

Wanting to get my fix of Chicago sports news, because, after all, the Bulls made two deals yesterday and I wanted to hear about how this affects their offseason free agent shopping. Wanted to hear how it might affect their team now. What these guys thought about Hakeem Warrick and Flip Murray and Acie Law and Joe Alexander, because the truth is I don't know that much about them yet.

And all I hear is Tiger Woods.

So I flip over to the national show on ESPN1000, and of course, it's the same crap over there.

Okay, I get it. The guy's probably the best golfer ever. He got caught after having numerous extra-marital affairs. Some sponsors dropped him, and he hasn't been back on the links yet. That's the story. The rest of this - gossip. Save it for OK Magazine, or US, or even the Enquirer. I've heard enough.

Please just give me Chicago sports talk again. Obviously some people are interested in this story, because some people were calling into Mully and Hanley, but I'm not. I wanted info on the Bulls, the Cubs, the White Sox, the Hawks, the Olympians, and even the Bears.

Didn't get a word of it.

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