Monday, March 29, 2010

Colvin goes north

Manager Lou Piniella has apparently announced that Tyler Colvin, the first of Tim Wilken's first round draft picks, has won a spot on the big club and will be coming north when the team breaks camp soon. Colvin is a lefthanded hitting corner outfielder who can play some center as well, and he won the job by hitting in the high .400's this spring. How much of that was against major league pitching, I don't know...but I think it was a significant amount.

With Nady unavailable for outfield duty for probably another month or two, Colvin could see more than just late inning mop-up duty. Cub fans are predictably excited about this kid, and he comes with far less hype than their last two big outfield prospects, Corey Patterson and Felix Pie. A lot of us would love to see Colvin be given a shot in left if Soriano falters at the beginning of the season, something that's roughly got the same chances as aliens visiting Earth this year. (Soriano is in the fourth year of an eight year deal, paying him about 18 million per year. He's virtually untradable and can't really play anywhere but left anymore.)

Congratulations to Tyler Colvin!


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