Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes I wish I was a Sox fan...

And today is one of those days.

The Cubs have noted injuries to key RH reliever Angel Guzman and fourth OF Xavier Nady (oh, Nady's is that he isn't healed from last year's rotator cuff surgery). This leaves a questionable bullpen even more questionable and a serious kink in the backup plans for the outfield.

If I was a Sox fan, though, I could be anticipating one of the best rotations in the majors, with Peavy, Buehrle, Danks and Floyd heading it up, and decent options for their fifth starter. I'd be celebrating a solid offensive and defensive club, made strong up the middle with Beckham moving to second and Vizquel backing up the middle infield, and having options in the outfield which currently would start Juan Pierre in left, Alex Rios in center and Carlos Quentin in right, with Mark Kotsay and Andruw Jones in the wings with John Danks' little brother Jordan a dark horse candidate. I could be bragging about a solid pen with Jenks, Thornton and Putz heading it up, and decent names to look to in other roles. I could be looking to the future if catcher AJ Pierzynski doesn't continue to produce (no reason he shouldn't, actually) with guys like Tyler Flowers and other young players at other positions.

I could be gloating that the Twins have a serious problem at the back of their bullpen now. I could be feeling pretty good about my team's chances in the AL Central this year.

Instead, I'm a Cubs fan, stuck with plenty of question marks and Alfonso Soriano's albatross of a contract for another 5 years...


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