Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Cup Runneth Over...


...Over to Chicago, that is!

The Black Hawks looked good in their game 6 win at Philadelphia, which gave them the series win, and therefore, the Stanley Cup! The Flyers played tough, aggressive, just as they have for most of this series. But the Hawks matched them, and their superior skill level finally brought the game home.

You could see, when the Flyers tied it up in the 3rd period, that the Hawks sort of settled back into a protection mode, not attacking the puck or the passing lanes with the same furor they had exhibited at home and in the 2nd period. But after the Flyers tied it, they woke back up and started playing aggressively and with finesse, and it carried over into the overtime sudden death. Death (for the Flyers' hopes at least) came on a laser by Patrick Kane through Leighton's legs, and for a few moments the puck was lost - lost in the folds of the net on the opposite side of the where the shot came from.

Antti Niemi played out of his mind! Yeah, he let 3 goals in, but they were hard earned goals by the Flyers, who showed the world that, as a 7th seed (I believe) they deserved to be in these finals as much as the Hawks did. Great series! Great outcome for me as a Chicago sports fan! Great for hockey, as it can't hurt to have the Cup residing in a large market like Chicago!

Congratulations, Hawks!

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