Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bulls and Hawks

I went to my first Black Hawks game in a long time last night and got to see them beat the Florida Panthers by a score of 4-0. Cory Crawford, the impressive young goalie, pitched a shutout as Kopecke (spelling?), Kane, Victor (can't remember his last name!) and Seabrook scored. All the scoring took place in the late second and third periods.

Hockey is perhaps the only game that is better to view in person than on TV, for the actual watching of the game.


The Bulls are continuing to win, beating up on the Atlanta Hawks (yeah, those same Hawks that they blew a lead to a few weeks ago) and many other teams. I took that loss to the Hawks to mean that perhaps the Bulls weren't quite ready for prime time, but maybe the team simply took it as a learning experience, because they really haven't failed to put anyone away since. Not to say that they've won all their games (they did lose to the Pacers) but when they've had a big lead (more than once or twice) they've maintained it without letting the opponent back into the game.

Derrick Rose now appears to be the favorite for the MVP.

The Bulls are in first place in their conference, and that first seed could be very valuable to them in the postseason, assuming they can hold onto it. Everything about their schedule suggests that they could do just that!


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