Thursday, March 10, 2011

It struck me...

...that I got a little schizo there after that bad loss to the Atlanta Hawks. In that post I'm suggesting that they aren't ready to win an NBA title. Two posts later, I'm raving about their team, their work ethic, their composition, their coaching and their star.

The points I made in that post after the Atlanta loss are valid, I think. I do seriously think the Bulls need an upgrade at the two guard, and it should be someone who can run the second team efficiently and effectively. It's this team's weakness. Wouldn't it be nice if, oh, say, Brandon Roy was at the two, and when Derrick goes out for a breather, Roy could stay in and slide over to point, or just sort of run the offense through him at that point. They can't do that with Bogans, Brewer or Rasual Butler (if he ever contributes).

Health is another concern - minutes are piling up on Rose, and Boozer got fouled (flagrantly) last night against the Bobcats and is out. But Noah should be relatively fresh as should be Gibson, and if Boozer returns, he should be relatively fresh also.

But this IS a team that could go far. Maybe to the Eastern Conference championship. Maybe to the league championship. Maybe all the way.

Nothing's a given, but you have to like this Bulls team at this point. They're ahead of where any of us thought they'd be. They've better than most predicted. That's due to Rose's growth as a player. But it's also due to having Boozer as an offensive threat to open up the outside and lanes for Rose and their shooters. And it's due to their defensive intensity, which I believe is a direct result of their coach.

Go Bulls!


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