Friday, March 4, 2011

Cubs this spring...

The Cubs are fighting in the dugout already, and making errors in droves this spring. We knew that this wasn't a good defensive team last year, but we didn't think we'd be getting significantly worse. Hopefully these early spring errors are just a matter of getting in the groove, so to speak, and things smooth out as the team progresses toward the regular season.

I'm trying to get excited about the baseball season, but aside from it being a harbinger of good weather here in the North, I can't find much to get worked up about for the Cubs. I mean, what's to get excited about? Matt Garza? A solid addition, but I can't see him as a significant improvement over what we had going into last season. Last year it was Zambrano, Dempster, Lilly, Wells and Silva. This year it's Z, Demp, Garza, Wells and either Silva or a young arm. Garza tons better than Lilly? Not until he proves it on the mound for me.

Upgrade at second? Last year it was Fontenot and Baker. This year it's DeWitt and Baker. At short? Last year it was Theriot. This year, Castro. First? Lee vs Pena. I was more excited about Lee's possibilities last year, coming off an excellent season, than I am about Pena's this year, coming off a relatively poor season.

The only bright spot might be the bullpen, where Wood and Marmol anchor a relief corps that may include Todd Wellemayer and Braden Looper, or may include a bunch of young arms. We don't know yet.

At least Sox fans have Adam Dunn to get excited about.


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