Monday, August 9, 2010

Changes in Chicago Baseball...

...were few and not very inspiring...

The Cubs did complete one deadline deal, sending Ted Lilly, Ryan Theriot and cash to the Dodgers for infielder Blake DeWitt and (I believe) two minor league arms. This deal made the starting rotation weaker, but didn't affect the everyday lineup very much, since DeWitt steps in where Theriot stepped out. Theriot was a fan favorite, with his attitude and his work ethic, and Lilly has been a solid starter for 3 1/2 years. When they signed him to a 4 year, 44 million dollar contract, I thought he was overpaid, but it turned out that Lilly has been worth every dollar of his deal, unlike a certain other Cub righthanded starting pitcher.

The White Sox dealt rookie Daniel Hudson to the AZ Diamondbacks for Edwin Jackson. Jackson has a ton of talent but hasn't had much success this year. His first start for the Chisox looked good, so maybe he can turn it around and help them stay in first place.

Though I didn't really expect deals for any of the bigger names on the Cubs, there were no pleasant surprises and Derrick Lee, Aramis Ramirez, Carlos Zambrano, Carlos Silva, and Alfonso Soriano are still all Cubs. And Adam Dunn is NOT a Chisox.

Meanwhile, the Cubs continue to lose, and the Sox had a rough weekend against a (suddenly) hot Baltimore team that just changed their manager, hiring Buck Showalter and trying to change their fortunes for the future. The Sox hold their lead by 1/2 game over the Twins with a big series coming up against them.

Go Sox!


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