Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chicago Baseball

From the "Not-really-breaking News" department:

The Chisox are still in the hunt for a division title, but the Twins are currently in front by 4 games with two more left to play in their series with the Sox in Minnesota. Could they use a big left-handed bat? It appears so...and it is also painfully obvious that they had that guy in Jim Thome but didn't want to pay him.

They need to take the next two, I think, in order to get back in the race. Some have said that if they leave this series 4 down, they're okay, but I think losing the series would do more harm than where they are in the standings.

The Cubs, on the other hand, are still losing. Another 1-0 loss last night to the Padres, exposing their lack of hitting. Yes the Pads have good pitching (Jon Garland was the guy last night; he was a guy I sorta hoped the Cubs would take a look at in the offseason last year) but still.

Apparently Atlanta is looking to do a waiver deal for Derrick Lee. Lee does not want to leave Chicago, or so I would he waive his no-trade rights to go to first place Atlanta? Perhaps... I don't know what good it would do for the Cubs unless they get salary relief and plan on using that relief for the betterment of the team instead of just making the new owner's bottom line look better.


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