Monday, August 9, 2010

New Bulls -since I last wrote...

The Bulls have pretty much completed their roster by signing two last role players: Kurt Thomas and Keith Bogans.

I don't know much about Bogans, just that he's going to be the backup two guard. I think he's a decent three point shooter but not a lights-out type. He's got good size and good defensive skills, I'm told.

Thomas is a journeyman post player, a good rebounder and a guy who can give some mintues at either center or power forward. He's a little older, so his minutes will probably be limited, but he's a good bench guy.

This leaves their team looking like this:

Starting five: Rose, Brewer Deng, Boozer, Noah
Backup guards: Watkins, Bogans
Backup front court players: Gibson, Thomas, Asik, James Johnson
Swing man: Korver

I imagine there will be a couple guys on the inactive portion of the roster, perhaps Chris Richard and John Lucas. But there you have it: Our 2010/2011 Bulls.


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