Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Topics of Interest (to me, at least...)

I was listening to the Score (WSCR, 670 AM) sports radio on my way to lunch today, and the focus seems to be on the White Sox, as it should be, and on the Bears, also as it should be, since the NFL preseason has begun and hope springs eternal.

As I listened, I thought about what I would prefer to hear discussion about, and it has everything to do with my personal likes and dislikes and much less to do with what is "hot" at the moment.

I always prefer discussion of the Cubs. I don't care what time of the year it is. It can be the dead of winter and the Bears could be in the Super Bowl, and I'd probably still prefer to hear talk about what the Cubs are doing in their offseason.

After the Cubs, my next favorite topic is the Bulls. I am always interested in what they are doing, and how they are doing and again, it doesn't matter whether it's basketball season or hockey season.

The next topic I look forward to hearing addressed on sports radio is the White Sox. I am not one of those Cubs fans who HATES the White Sox; I want them to win generally. My dream World Series is a Cubs/Sox matchup, with the Cubs winning, of course. Plus I am a baseball fan and like to hear baseball topics discussed.

After those three, I'm probably going to be split between the Bears and Black Hawks. If the Hawks are in the playoffs, as they were this year, I'd much rather hear hockey talk. If the Bears are hot, I'd much rather hear football talk.

Fortunately we have two sports talk radio stations (the Score and WMVP ESPN1000), so if I'm not getting what I want on one of them, I can flip to the other.

(And thank God that I no longer have to listen to Mike North...)


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